Specialty - Logistics

Qualification - Logistician-economist

Tuition fees (per year):

Full-time form - 1750 USD

kabinet logistikimitso-logistikastrany baltii poezdka mitso


Description of specialty

A logistician is a specialist coordinating the movement of goods on the way from production to points of sale. He organizes transportation and warehousing of cargoes, plans and organizes a quality delivery of goods at a certain time to the appointed place at a fixed price. The task of logistics is the organization of transportation, management, warehousing.

The main subjects studied are:

• Procurement logistics is the process of providing the enterprise with material resources, placing resources in warehouses of an enterprise, storing them and issuing them to production.

• Production logistics is the management of material flows, in the process of passing its production links, when moving from a primary source of raw materials to finished products.

• Distribution logistics is a set of interrelated functions realized in the process of distributing the material flow between various wholesale purchases, i.e. in the process of wholesale trade.

• Transport logistics is the management of transportation of goods in order to reduce the costs of transport and increase speed of delivery.

• Information logistics is that part of logistics that is the link between supply, production, and marketing of products. It organizes the flow of data that accompanies the material flow as it moves.

Specialists are in demand:

• in all logistics centers of the Republic of Belarus;

• Freight forwarding companies;

• logistic operators;

• manufacturing enterprises;

• trading companies;

• distribution organizations, etc.

How to enter the specialty "logistics"

Our students practice in:

• OOO Eurotorg;

• ODO "Here and there Logistic";

• Logistic center of JSC "Belmagistralavtotrans";

• IOO DB Schenker;

• Logistic center "Shchomyslitsa";

• LLC Electroservice and Co;

• OOO Skrakekspert.

Our graduates work in:

• JSC "Trade and logistics center" Ozertso-Logistic ";

• ODO "Here and there Logistic";

• Ilya Logistic Center Prilesye;

• RUE "Beltamozhservis";

• OOO Eurotorg;

• The Belarusian Railways;

• IOO DB Schenker.

Practical-oriented training

The training process involves specialists from leading transport and forwarding companies and logistics companies (Belzruzavtotrans TEP, SkalExpert, Belmagistralavtotrans), logistic centers (OOO Capital Logistik, LLC Eurotibas), non-commercial organizations and specialized training centers (Belarusian Research Institute of Transport "Transtekhnika" of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Warehouse Equipment IAOD ", the Association of International Forwarders and Logistics" BAME "Center" BAME-Forwarder "consulting group" Here and Now ", a consulting company« S-consult »).