Specialty - Management


•        Production management

•        Financial management

•        Personnel Management

Qualification - Manager-Economist

Tuition fees (per year): 1750 USD

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 Description of specialty

A manager organizes work in a company or an enterprise. He coordinates activities of employees, manages production and circulation of goods. Also, the manager is the representative of middle or senior management.

The manager-economist in the field of personnel management is in demand on the labor market today and is called upon to perform organizational and managerial functions. Manager’s role in forecasting market policies, social changes, organization of production, financial, labor and information resources is extremely great.

The main subjects are:

• Organization Management

• Psychology of management

• Personnel Management

• Enterprise Economics

• Business planning

Specialists are in demand:

• In any commercial business structures and companies in the country.

Our students practice in:



• OJSC "Komunarka"

• Joint-Stock Company "Milavitsa"

• OJSC Belaruskaliy

Our graduates work in:

• OJSC Belaruskaliy

• OJSC Minsk sparkling wine factory

• OJSC Atlant