Specialty - Marketing

Specialization - Advertising

Qualification - Marketer-economist

Forms of training - Full-time (4 years)

Tuition fee (per year): 1750 USD

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Description of specialty

A marketer is always a demanded employee in any enterprise. Marketer creates an incentive for consumers to use a service or to buy goods. Marketers conduct market research, develop ideas for future products, engage in advertising and PR - participate in the development of the company. Important tools for any marketer to promote a product or service on the market are advertising on TV, radio, the Internet, in the media, as well as promotional activities and marketing activities.

The main subjects are:

• Merchandising

• Internet Marketing

• Consumer behavior

• Basics of branding and PR activities

• Advertising Management

• Basics of design concept

Specialists are in demand

• In any state and commercial business structures.


Our students practice:

• Advertising agency "Saturday"


• OJSC "Komunarka"

• Joint-Stock Company "Milavitsa"

• OJSC Belaruskaliy

Our graduates work:

• OJSC Belaruskaliy

• OJSC Minsk sparkling wine factory

• OJSC Atlant

• ODO Vitalyur