International Economics


Specialty -International Economics

Specialization - Foreign economic activity management

Qualification - Economist

Form of training - Full-time (4 years)

Tuition fee (per year): 1750 USD

mirovaja ekonomika mitsomirovja ekonomika podgotovkasovremennaja plazma mitso

Description of specialty

Specialty "International Economics" is one of the most prestigious specialties in the economic sphere. An international economist should have an idea of ​​the best world practice in a particular industry. He should be able to use it to improve international competitiveness of his organization, taking into account characteristics of the national economy, ensuring its successful development. Students get a general idea of ​​the current system of international economic relations and the development of the world economy in the context of globalization, as well as knowledge of various aspects of foreign economic activity.

This specialty is aimed at training highly qualified economists with the knowledge and competencies required for work in the field of the world economy and international economic relations.

The main subjects are:

International Economics

• International economic relations

• International Management

• International Finance

• International Marketing

• International competitiveness

Specialists are in demand in:

• Domestic and foreign companies, leading foreign economic activities

• Commercial banks

• Financial companies

• Investment funds

•Treasury Department

• International economic organizations, etc.