Active student life


At the International University «MITSO» the system of student self-government bodies is widely developed: the Student Government Council, the Student Conference, the Heads of students, the University Students Trade Union thanks to which each student can make suggestions to the university management and participate in improving the learning and leisure conditions. As if in a real state, there is own student radio «Five», television «MITSO-TV», a student newspaper «Dialogue». The symbol of the university, the custodian of knowledge of our students is the Owl «MITSO».

mitso dialog newspapermitso radiomitso owl



Cheerleading, fencing, basketball, volleyball, mini-football, swimming, aerobics.

Athletes of our University are active participants of the Universities championship in volleyball, mini-football, basketball, table tennis, darts, track and field athletics cross-country and  competitors of national teams of universities, the Republican Universiade, championship and Belarus Cup cheerleading, the Eastern European Championship in cheerleading.

The cheerleading team of the International University «MITSO» is one of the most titled in the country. The team wins and prizes in such major tournaments as the Championship and the Cup of the Republic of Belarus, MITSO CHEERLEADING OPEN CUP, the Open Championship and the Championship of Eastern Europe, the Open Championship of the Republic of Belarus among students of institutions of higher education, etc. The trainer of the team is the associate professor of the Physical Education Department - Yuri A. Yanovich.

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Theatrical, vocal, choreographic, volunteer movement

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The university is famous for its student activities, which are distinguished by a really high creative and professional level: the best concert venues of the city are rented for holding such events, famous leading and pop stars are invited, professional costumes and decorations are prepared.

All student events are held under the general title «Talent Contest» of the International University «MITSO»: «Knowledge Day», «Freshman», «Mr. International University «MITSO», «Miss International University «MITSO», University Day,«ECONWAVE» - the annual festival of creativity and talent of the Faculty of International Economic Relations and Management, «MEDIUM AWARDS» - the annual ceremony of awarding at the Faculty of Law