XII International Law Competition “Youth for Peace”

International Law Competition "Youth for Peace" is an annual contest for students from different countries.  The participants are expected to demonstrate excellent knowledge of international humanitarian law, international public law and human rights law, as well as ability to adapt to the changing environment. The Competition provides students with an opportunity to enrich and extend their knowledge in the sphere of international humanitarian law through participation in the simulated armed conflict. In previous eleven years the Competition has seen student teams from more than 35 countries around the world.



Information about the actual dates and deadlines of the XII International Law Competition “Youth for Peace” will be available later. Please find attached all the necessary information about the “Youth for Peace” Competition: 

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The First International Law Competition "Youth for Peace", held in 2006, brought together 40 participants from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The participants of the Competition accepted an official Address to the governments of the countries of the world which was ceremonially handled to accredited representatives of the Embassies to the Republic of Belarus and sent to the governments of 191 countries. This official Аddress was sent to the governments with an appeal to refuse using armaments as means of achieving political aims.

Since 2006, "Youth for Peace" is supported by the regional delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. In 2007 it supported by the UN Office in Belarus. Since 2009, the Olympics included in the Work Plan for the implementation of the Commission of International Humanitarian Law under the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

During 10 years of its history, "Youth for Peace" brought together representatives from more than 40 countries: students and professors from best law universities, specialists and experts from the UK, Sweden, France, Cuba, India, the Netherlands, China, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Armenia, Germany, Belarus, Macedonia and others. "Youth for Peace" is a non-political event, gathering under its auspices the best law students from around the world.

The International Law Competition "Youth for Peace" is one of the first events held within the United Nations Academic Impact initiative, which unites higher educational institutions with the United Nations Organization with the aim of support and promotion of the world-accepted principles related to human rights, literacy, sustainable development and conflict resolution. The International Law Competition "Youth for Peace" is included in the working plan of the National Commission for the IHL Implementation under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

The main goal of "Youth for Peace" is disseminating among young people the idea of tolerance and intercultural dialogue conduct, demonstrating the importance of peaceful coexistence of nations. In 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus include "Youth for Peace" in the list of the most prestigious competitions in the field of international law in the Republic of Belarus.


At the end of September 2016, XI International Law Competition "Youth for Peace" united representatives of the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France, China, Moldova and other countries.

In the frames of "Youth for Peace" was held I Roundtable "The effect of armed conflict on the international law" of the Belarusian branch of the International Law Association, which was attended by international experts in the field of international law and representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Belarus, the National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus, the National Center of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus, the Economic Court of the CIS, a number of specialists from Belarusian universities.

During the XI International Law Competition "Youth for Peace", invited as judges of the Competition, foreign speakers gave lectures on international law:

  • Olivier Ribbelink (PhD in International Law, the Netherlands): "Military Aid and International Crimes: New Developments in Individual and State Responsibility?"
  • Michael J. Strauss (PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy, France, the United Kingdom): "Destroying Food Crops in Armed Conflict: How Strong is the Prohibition in International Law?";
  • Lionel Blackman (LLM in International Law and Human Rights, the United Kingdom): "The involvement of children in military conflict";
  • Torsten Stein (Professor of International and European Law, Germany): "Coalition Warfare and Differing Legal Obligations of Coalition Members under International Humanitarian Law".

In addition to theoretical, practical and final rounds of the Competition, the participants took part in the traditional evening of national cultures, excursions in Minsk and in the museum complex of folk crafts and technologies "Dudutki".

The winner of the XI International Law Competition "Youth for Peace" was the team from MGIMO University (Russia). In the final, the team MGINO University met with the team from BBP University (Great Britain). As suggested by the jury of the Olympics, both teams are presented very good argued its position and demonstrated knowledge not only of international humanitarian law, but also international law in general. The best speaker according to the results of "Youth for Peace" has been recognized the representative of the University team BBP (Great Britain). In addition, in this year has been chosen the most friendly team: it was the team of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.